Spiritual Initiates have found that Gold and Silver respectively represent the Sun and the Moon. The precise combination of Gold, the Solar or electric force, and Silver, the Lunar or magnetic force, will behave like the Star of David, the perfect harmonious expression of the basic principle governing life. Initiates knew that by fusing Gold onto Silver one could steady the opposing Solar and Lunar forces, making life more fortunate thus creating a very powerful talisman. Balancing these two energies is extremely helpful for those who desire to ease the fluctuations of life. 
Each medallion is a timeless piece of spiritual jewelry crafted and empowered under constructive cosmic laws, and uniquely inscribed with mystical symbols expressing irrevocable Divine truths. According to authentic and positive arcanal formulas, and in line with the Kabbalah, the medallions will offer hope and comfort, guidance and protection, while magnetizing opportunities and attracting wonderful blessings. By wearing these combinations of symbols, one becomes open to the beneficial influences of the Sun, the masculine principle, and the Moon, the feminine principle.

Sacred Essentials, founded by Francine Forrester, is a company conceived as a result of our desire to produce lasting products designed for uplifting and spiritual healing. Our company's strength is rooted in a long sojourn through the teachings of the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, or Universal Kabbalah. Dr. Joseph Michael Levry world-renowned Universal Kabbalah Master and founder of Naam Yoga has generously combined ten benevolent symbols for Sacred Essentials. 

We have been blessed under the guidance of Dr. Levry, with the ability to produce the Talismans in a way that, when worn, bring substantial and lasting spiritual healing. The Sacred Talismans, enlivened in Gold and Silver following precise divine principles, are raceless, classless and beyond religion. When worn, the Kabbalistic Talismans connect with the beneficial and healing energy of the cosmos and as a result, an aspect of needed spiritual healing is reflected into the one's magnetic field (aura). We are living in a changing world. By wearing a medallion, chanting along with the Rootlight Healing Beyond Medicine Series and learning the Divine Spiritual Wisdom the heavens and its angels will shower you with uplifting energy and blessings, revealing your true self and helping you to live your highest destiny.