I thought for a long time about the talisman I wanted. I chose Harmony because it was the most simple. I felt that I had knowledge and wisdom inside of me and I wanted it to come out in my daily life. I found myself knowing things but not saying them or being in a position that I could share. I wanted the spiritual side of myself to be more open and integrated with my "normal" life. The Harmony talisman has helped me to bring out my inner wisdom and share it with others. It is a wonderful experience. I feel more balanced and expressed.
- Anonymous

I recently purchased the Courage talisman to assist me in some areas where I wished to smooth a challenging path. As a new mother, I have often questioned my decisions connected with raising my child. I noticed that since I have been wearing the Courage medallion I am able to make decisions from a more organic perspective, by balancing my intellect and instinct. I experience greater grace in the challenging yet joyous process of parenting as I spend less time analyzing the next correct action and simply acting with a mindful heart. I no longer feel beleaguered that somehow I did not find the perfect answer or create the ideal situation; I am able to accept the moment, continue to strive to accomplish my best, dismantle my plans if they don't work and recreate a better possibility. As someone who has relied so extensively upon her intellect to guide her through life's ups and downs, it is a blessing and a relief to also learn how to move through experiences from a place of quiet courage and grace.

Sacred Essential's Talismans are extraordinarily beautiful. Everywhere I go people from all walks of life comment on their loveliness and are curious about them. An ingenious design feature is that the medallions are two-sided - when I wish to experience the spiritual benefits of the medallion more privately, I turn it around to reveal the gorgeous sun symbol emblazoned on the back. Another wonderful benefit of the Courage medallion, as in every piece from Francine's collection, is that the Kabbalistic symbols inscribed upon them call upon the wearer to become more aware of personal foibles and inspires him/her to improve his/her character. They are a subtle daily reminder of my spiritual commitment; the symbols attract the energy of the universe, which entwines with my own personal efforts to incorporate their meaning into my life. I am excited to see how spiritual intention of the medallion will continue to unfold in my life, and feel privileged to wear it.
- Anonymous

I am so grateful for my Abundance Medallion and for Sacred Essentials! For as long as I can remember people have been talking about my potential. "... To be great...can do anything..." etc... What I ended up with a big case of two things. Lack of motivation because I thought I could do anything, and a paralyzing fear that I might not actually be able to live up to my potential.

From the time I put on the Abundance Medallion I began to notice several things. First, many of the daily fluctuations I had been experiencing stopped. For the first time in two years of struggling through sporadic meditations I was able to establish a consistent daily meditation practice.

I discovered that my daily mood swings gave way into working together with the people around me. Steadily I began to be more productive because the negative patterns that had been holding me back dissolved.

I was told to wear the medallion for at least 120 days to get the full benefit. Amazingly, on the 120th day through unexpected circumstances I experienced the truth that for the first time I could actually make a difference in the entirety of humanity and fulfill my potential! Imagine experiencing that the fear and insecurity preventing your soul from knowing itself as able to help and serve and uplift humanity would just melt away. I experienced myself to be enough, and from that day on I know I am enough to accomplish whatever I set my mind to. In the place of insecurity, self doubt and fear I feel confident, comfortable and ready to do what needs to be done.

As far as material "abundance" is concerned, I have seen a %40 increase in my salary since I began wearing this medallion just seven months ago. I am so grateful for my medallion that I purchased the "Spirit" medallion for my father for healing. Without reservation I can, recommend the medallions for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.
- J.B.

The medallion is powerful. I felt uplifted and even my voice changed. This was instant, soon after I took it in my hand. Now I feel a deeper process going on. So far I am feeling more comfortable and secure and do not get drained as much from being constantly on the go. I am very grateful to have such magical help.
- John

I have been wearing my Wisdom medallion for about a year and a half now, and I can't describe all of the effects it has had on my life, because they are manifold and sometimes subtle. However, the totality of the change I have gone through since then is out of this world. I am stronger spiritually, more whole in my entire being, and have been presented with many gifts. I feel that is has helped me make smarter choices, open up to my Higher Self's voice and follow my inner Wisdom's guidance. When I removed it the other day for about 3 days to see the difference, I felt deflated in my energy, less forthcoming in my activities and lost "in space". I am so grateful for my medallion, it's very humbling how much better my life has become with it. Thank you so much!
- Kathrin K.

I have been wearing the courage medallion which falls right above my heart. Not a day goes by in which I do not wear my medallion. Though the effects have been subtle, they have nonetheless been profound. I feel as if each symbolic element imbues an angelic presence that surrounds me and protects me in a blanket of light. I truly believe that the angelic protection now embedded within my magnetic field has graced me with the abilities to cultivate the courage within myself to go forth with heart and to do so knowing I can confidently face all things that come my way.
- H.S.

My medallion was a gift, a most perfect gift. I got to choose which one and I chose Abundance. I have to say that I experienced a soothing affect from the Sacred Essentials medallion. It brought a calmness and helped me to improve my attitude towards abundance in all areas of my life. As well, the Sacred Essential medallions are very beautiful and I love knowing that I have both gold and silver on me.
- Cindy A.