A guide for using spiritual principles to heal the heart, attracting the right mate and creating a lasting and loving relationship

It is vital for love partners to take the time to see which way the powerful forces of nature are moving. These forces play an essential role in determining when to enter a relationship or marriage, and what to do once in it. The spiritual principles revealed in this book will be of the greatest practical utility to every man or woman desiring to build, nurture and maintain a healthy love relationship. These truths are the unseen forces that direct every relationship. Use them to take control of your love and experience it on a higher level.

What's Inside 
  • For the first time illuminates the unseen universal laws that direct every relationships
  • How to apply facets of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, the Hebrew Alphabet Tarot and Astrology to illuminate the dynamic of a couple's individual and collective soul path
  • Includes meditations to heal the heart following an emotional break-up, purify the aura and attract a loving and lasting relationship
  • Helps you understand the soul essence of your mate and yourself, allowing you to transform your intimate relationship from a casual state to a Divine one